Real People

Including foreign talent in Sweden,
by giving them a voice


You're not alone.

Working in Sweden as foreigner can be a challenge, dealing with work permits, insurances, housing and a continued polarized debate on migration. You are not alone.

Real People is a digital service by and for the inclusion of foreign talent in Sweden. Verified members drive our focus via secure, anonymous polling.


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Our Entry Survey for international professionals in with foreign/mixed origins moves our program.

It's free, anonymous, and strictly confidential



It's about people.

We are a group of kompetensutvisning survivors dedicated to including international professionals in the Swedish Model, as Real People. We believe everyone does better when they're included. No political affiliation, No investors, and No advertising. 



  • Real People: international professionals of foreign/mixed origin in Sweden.

  • Inclusion: The process of including different perspectives, for the sake of equal treatment. 

  • Kompetensutvisning: The deportation of someone from Sweden with a sought-after skill. 


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