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Sweden is great. But for people of foreign/mixed roots it can be a challenge: kompetensutvisning, labor laws, and a debate about foreign talent that doesn't include foreign talent.  

-Is anyone actually talking to real people? 

-We are.


Completely confidential and free

Our Entry Survey organizes the voices of Real People. See our data ethics and privacy policy. 

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You're not alone 

Real People is a digital labor movement by and for international professionals in Sweden. 

We give foreign talent a voice, resources, and a network to understand their rights and obligations in the Swedish Model. 


Our objective is to include international professionals as Real People in Sweden

Registration is anonymous, free and you control the data. 


On Feb 2nd, the Swedish government released the first proposals for laws for labor migration. New recommendations with comments will release in November, 2021.  

This includes


Permanent Residency,

foreign worker rights,

and talent visas. 

We highlighted key issues, in the English - summary.


What do you think?


We are international professionals in Sweden from all over the world and from different fields. We are kompetensuvisning survivors, mixed Swedes, asylum seekers and 'Real Swedes' dedicated to inclusion of different people into the Swedish Model.

We started this to launch a labor union by and for international professionals in Sweden with foreign and mixed backgrounds. This starts by giving international professionals a voice, their own voice

as Real People.

What we do:

We use tech to provide active outreach to Real People in Sweden. We use data to create strategic information campaigns for inclusion.

We provide curated info for Real People with their work-permits, labor law, and if needed - advocacy.  


Sign up for our members area (launching soon) by registering 


  • Inclusion! For international professionals in the Swedish Model

  • Voice! Members are anonymous, secure, and un-edited

  • Support! On real issues affecting international professional in Sweden


  • Politics. We are strictly non-partisan

  • Secret Investors. We are immigrant owned & operated 

  • B2B. We work for Real People

it's about people.


Real People is founded and reports on the ​Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030's commitments to leave no one behind


#We are real People


  • Real PeopleInternational professionals with a foreign or mixed background/origin. 

  • Kompetensutvisning: The deportation of someone with a specific skill needed in the Swedish labor market for (non-criminal) minor mistakes. 

  • Inclusion: The concept of universal, fair treatment, regardless of ethnicity or nationality.

  • Kompetensutvisning Survivor: Anyone who has been affected by kompetensutvisning, and is still standing :) 

  • Real Swedes: Swedish citizens who keep it real with diversity & inclusion. 

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