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Our story

A digital labor movement, for international professionals. 

Many organizations working on Diversity & Inclusion in Sweden use a B2B structure, where employers are the client. That's cool. But what about the foreign talent, themselves?  

Our main goal is to give a voice to international professionals in Sweden as Real People. We believe that long-term, inclusion of everyone is best for everyone.


Right now, this is free. When we need to, we will charge a small fee for members. 


Regardless we are totally independent of businesses, unions, political parties, and religion. We want to include international professionals in the Swedish Model (not use them to change it). After all, this is about Real People. 

Real People is founded by Matt Kriteman, the former COO of the Diversify Foundation and Ali Omumi, Sen. Engineer at ABB along with other amazing Real People who also survived kompetensutvisning. 

The Team

We are Real People


Coming soon... (We hope!)


  • Politics. We are strictly non-partisan

  • Secret Investors. We are immigrant owned & operated 

  • B2B. We work for Real People


  • Inclusion! For international professionals in the Swedish Model

  • Voice! Members are anonymous, secure, and un-edited

  • Support! On real issues affecting international professional in Sweden

it's about people.
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